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Attention New Clients, Kim is the only Therapist that does all Therapeutic Massages so there can be up to 4 to 6 weeks wait for the first initial appointment. We do Not do back to back appointments and we are not a spa.

Our Wellness Center specializes in the Fusion Massage "Kim’s Signature Massage" which is Therapeutic, but we do offer Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage depending on the situation of the person and the age.

Kim has helped many people recover from different types of Musculoskeletal Injuries, such as;

Muscle Strains
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Tension/Tightness
Ligament Sprains
Frozen Shoulders
Plantar Fasciitis

She can help reverse injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits. We tailor our massages to meet each individual's unique needs.

About The Fusion Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Kim's Fusion Massage specifically tailors to the Muscular needs as well as the Spiritual Guidance and Well Being of the Body.  The Fusion Massage is a Signature Massage that has helped many.

It's a combination of a few different styles and variation of massage but mainly Deep Tissue is applied in the areas needed with a feeling 
of relaxation throughout the body. 

Fusion can be made into only what you feel at the moment, we always say to communicate with Kim, especially if you are sensitive to touch because 
she is here to fit everyone's needs.


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